Fixed penalties issued in Ramsey

By Sue Woolley in North

Dropping a cigarette end in Parliament Street was among the offences which attracted a £50 fixed penalty notice from Ramsey’s town warden during the past month.

Others include: failing to pick up dog faeces; allowing a dog to be at large in the courthouse grounds; exercising a dog on the rugby pitch; and allowing a dog to be exercised within Mooragh Park.

The commissioners have placed on record that a concerted effort is being made to keep the town clean.

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SIUYA13 · 121 days ago · Report

Watched a traffic warden throw his cigarette end onto the floor outside the co-op in Douglas last week, two young gents pointed this out to him. He was not happy about this a gave some comments whilst wagging his finger in their faces. The young gents tried to make their point, but it looked like getting violent and the young gents walked away. I thought, you will learn there is no point lads, one rule for one etc. I may be cynical, but it is from years of experience.

bärlow · 121 days ago · Report

could we borrow this ?hap in douglas, to show our guy how to do the job

Manx born (formerl CV) · 122 days ago · Report

Good question Bluemonday. Karen, your post makes no sense.

Karen · 122 days ago · Report

Over zealous unpleasant warden targeting people where no offense has occurred, perhaps she could pay some attention to the people that leave their litter on the rugby pitch.

Manx Pleb · 122 days ago · Report

And one wonders how much effort will actually be put into now pursuing payment for said fixed penalty notices. Dishing them out and trumpeting same is the easy bit. Recovering the penalty requires work.

Bluemonday · 122 days ago · Report

Out of interest how many fixed penalty tickets for failing to pick up dog faeces have been issued during the past month in Douglas?

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