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This weekend’s Cyclefest does involve a number of road closures and one-way routes in certain areas of the island, particularly on Sunday.

Most of the closures are only for short periods of time.

The Gran Fondo and associated events on Sunday morning start out from Milntown Estate at 10am and have a police escort through the town and over the swingbridge to North Shore Promenade, before doing a large loop of the Northern Plains.

This involves Bride Road, Burmah Road and Thurot Cottage, the Coast Road as far as Polly Road, Summer Hill, Ballamoar straight to Ballacrye junction on the TT Course. Most of the above will be closed for between one hour and 90 minutes.

The short stretch of the TT Course to Ballaugh Bridge will be open as normal, but Ballaugh Glen Road and Druidale will be closed for up to two hours from 10.30am.

The road closure then extend to Sartfield junction, Little London, with a police-controlled crossing at Cronk-y-Voddee, Staarvey and southern end of Switchback (11am to 1pm). The section to Ballig will be one way, and the next stretch through Ballacraine on open roads.

The leading riders will arrive at the first feeding station in St John’s (old railway station car park) at approximately 11.25am.

Patrick Road will be closed and the stretch from Patrick corner to Round Table will be one way (up) again between 11am and 1pm.

Round Table junction to the first turn off at Ronague will be closed, as will Corlea Road past Cringle reservoir (11.30am to 1.30pm).

The next stretch affected is Glen Rushen Mines road down Gleneedle to St John’s for the second feed station (closed 11.30am to 2.30pm).

Ballavargher hill (from Hope to Archallagan) will be shut from midday to 2.30pm, as will Garth to Crosby.

Eyreton road to Mount Rule and West Baldwin will be one-way, but the whole of Injebreck will be closed from midday to 3pm, as will Brandywell Road.

The final stretch of one way traffic will be from the Bungalow, down Tholt-y-Will (12.30 to 3pm), Sulby Claddagh and the TT Course from Ginger Hall to Milntown from between 1pm and 3.30pm at the latest. The leading finishers are expected to be at Milntown Estate around 1.45pm.

There are other road closures in and around Ramsey on Friday for some family/social fun events, also the Mountain Road from Barrule Park to the Gooseneck on Saturday morning from 9.30 to midday (vehicular traffic only).

For further assistance with any of the road closures phone 830860 or go to

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