Genuine oversight led to lapsed insurance policy

in Crime

A driver with no tax or insurance might have escaped notice had he not been using his mobile telephone as well when he drove past a police car.

Michael Jelski, for the prosecution, said police were outside the police station on Castle Street in Castletown when they first spotted Jason Norman Leece apparently on the telephone as he drove past them in a green Ford Transit van.

Police then ran further checks and found the van’s tax had expired in March 2016, almost a year previously. They followed him and stopped him on the main A5 road near to the airport.

Speaking to them, 45-year-old Leece admitted having been on the telephone and told them the van had been off the road. He said he was actually on his way to tax it as he was stopped.

He was ordered to produce his documents at the police station but when he arrived there the next day, he said he had not been insured to drive the van at the time.

Leece, of Church View, Port Erin, admitted driving without tax or insurance and using his telephone.

Defending him, Ian Kermode said the offences were committed on February 1, just a couple of weeks after the insurance policy had expired.

’Mr Leece had run his own motor repair business but as of last February has been employed in the aerospace industry,’ he said.

’For a time he kept his own business going part time and he was driving his van with a motor cycle in the back to his premises. He geniunely believed the insurance policy was still current and due to expire during February.

’This was a geniune oversight: he was not deliberately driving knowing he was uninsured, it was a policy that had been in place for five years. That’s important in terms of understanding his culpability.’

However, he said the mobile telephone matter was different.

’He was clearly aware he should not use it. He received a call and decided to take it. It was from someone he was going to meet at his garage premises and he said he would be there in a few minutes,’ he said.

Leece was fined £400 with six penalty points for the insurance lapse, £250 for using his telephone, £200 for having no tax and was ordered to pay £50 costs.