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The draw for the Grant Thornton Manx Amateur Golf Championships was held at Ramsey Golf Club on Monday evening.

For only the second time, the men’s and women’s championships are being run concurrently at the northern course, with qualifying taking place over two rounds this Saturday and Sunday.

The draw was made by Terry Groves, chairman of Isle of Man Golf, along with Stan Ryzak, captain of Ramsey and this year there are 89 entrants in the men’s event and 21 in the women’s.

Also present were IoMGU’s competition secretary Anthony Crawley, his Ramsey counterpart Phil Hassall and Gary Jakeman, general secretary of the IoM Golf Union.

Round one will start for the men at 7am on Saturday while the women tee off from 12.30pm and will go out in handicap order.

Men’s: 7am Bob Cowell (5) (Peel), Ian Kelly (4) (Peel), Geoff D. Skillicorn (5) (KEB); 7.10am Kevin Doyle (9) (KEB), Stephen Skillicorn (1) (Douglas), Robert Braide (2) (Castletown); 7.20amBen Locking (6) (Mount Murray), David Simpson (6) (Ramsey) , Dan Williams (8) (Castletown); 7.30am Jason Cubbon (3) (Mount Murray), Peter Glover (-0) (Douglas), Stuart Douglas (6) (Ramsey); 7.40am Andrew Challenor (-1) (Castletown), Gerald Bradley (2) (Castletown), Brendan McLaughlin (8) (Castletown); 7.50am Mark Walton (9) (Rowany), Gregg Harrison (6) (KEB), Lee Morgan (1) (Peel); 8am Martin Kinrade (5) (Ramsey), Peter Knight (3) (Douglas), Phil Christian (5) (Peel); 8.10am Ryan Maddox (5) (Mount Murray), Andrew Horne (5) (Port St Mary ), Michael Rae (2) (Rowany); 8.20am Ian Raybon (6) (Douglas), Martin Cairney (7) (Mount Murray), Mark Skelding (6) (Ramsey); 8.30am Donald Beggs (4) (KEB), Danny Foulis (6) (Ramsey), David Murray (6) (Douglas); 8.40am John F Mcmullan (5) (KEB), Scott Donald (2) (Castletown), Tim Calladine (6) (Mount Murray); 8.50am Paul Lowey (-1) (Rowany), Jack Gilbert (3) (Rowany), Jonathon Evans (5) (Mount Murray); 9am Jamie Arneil (3) (Ramsey) , Karl Logan (3) (Douglas), Peter Skelton (6) (Mount Murray); 9.10am Alex McAuley (0) (Mount Murray), Geoffrey Rice (6) (Peel), Tommy Fenlon (4) (Douglas); 9.20am Michael Valerga (12) (Ramsey), Tom Doyle (5) (Mount Murray), Stuart Wallace (3) (Douglas); 9.30am, Martyn Callister (10) (Ramsey) , Andrew Nicholson (9) (Mount Murray), Paul Mcmullan (2) (KEB); 9.40am Sam Skelton (4) (Castletown), Andrew Gerrard (7) (Castletown), Keith Ward (3) (Ramsey); 9.50am Paul Allison (5) (Ramsey), Tom Gandy (-3) (Rowany), Andrew Gregory (7) (Douglas); 10am Aaron Quinn (7) (Douglas), Joe Raeside (3) (Mount Murray), Graeme Rodger (8) (Port St Mary); 10.10am Daniel O’Hare (5) (Rowany), Liam Cowin (0) (Douglas), Brian Bodell (6) (Douglas); 10.20am Lewis Howland (6) (Ramsey), Gary Corlett (4) (Mount Murray), Craig Astin (1) (KEB); 10.30am Mark Pugh (-0) (Peel), Chris Lee (7) (Castletown), Richard Skillicorn (2) (Douglas); 10.40am Jamie Crellin (5) (Peel), Colin White (12) (Peel), Matthew Nicholson (5) (Mount Murray); 10.50am Fraser Dorling (5) St Andrews Golf Club, Neil Caine (2) (Mount Murray), Roy Norman (6) (Peel); 11am, Brian Kelly (11) (Ramsey), Alan Gault (6) (Peel), Matthew Savage (5) (Douglas); 11.10am Daniel Bell (2) (Peel), Charles Garside (3) (Mount Murray), Andrew Hudgeon (9) (Ramsey); 11.20am Gary Hunter (3) (Douglas), David Kinrade (5) (Ramsey), Daryl Callister (-0) (Mount Murray); 11.30am Conor Keenan (6) (Peel), Jeff Ward (6) (Ramsey), Tom Harris (-2) (Castletown); 11.40am Kevin Moore (-1) (Douglas), Mark Sutton (-0) (Rowany), Jonathan Corke (0) (Castletown); 11.50am Paul Mackie (3) (Douglas), Robert Noon (-1) (Douglas).

The women will tee off in three balls in handicap orderbeginning at 12.30pm:

Catherine Cassidy (Castletown); Gail Corrin (KEB); Diana Cowley (Ramsey); Kayleigh Dawson (Peel); Jane Gaines (Ramsey); Mair Gardner (Peel); Steph Gregg (Castletown); Anne Gundry (Port St Mary); Jill Holmes (Ramsey); Breeshey Jansen (Douglas); Pauline Kennish (KEB); Dee Lewis (KEB); Joy Morris (Ramsey);; Jackie Murley (Douglas); Emma Noon (Mount Murray); Jessie Perry (Peel); Ruth Pigott (Peel); Joy Platt (Ramsey); Shirley Price (Port St Mary); Lynda Simpson (Castletown); Lindsey Tickell (Douglas).

Report, results and photographs from this weekend’s qualifying rounds in next Tuesday’s Isle of Man Examiner

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