Manx Telecom cuts data roaming charges

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Manx Telecom has announced big cuts in data roaming charges.

All of its mobile customers will now automatically get 90% reductions in data roaming costs.

It will also offer its pay monthly customers inclusive roaming within the UK and EU, which means customers can now significantly reduce what they pay for data, calls and texts when visiting these destinations.

New ’Smartroam’ tariffs provide pay monthly customers up to 5GB of roaming data, 500 minutes call time, and 500 texts of inclusive roaming allowance, for use when travelling to UK and EU destinations.

The company has significantly increased calls, texts and data allowances available on island.

These include Manx Telecom becoming the first operator based in the island to offer a completely unlimited tariff for making calls, sending texts and using 4G data on the island.

Gary Lamb, Manx Telecom’s chief executive officer, said: ’We have listened to all of our customers and taken this significant step to make roaming more affordable, simpler, and transparent, and better value than ever before.

’This has been achieved following an extensive project which has involved making a significant investment in IT systems, conducting a massive amount of research to create a detailed understanding of our customers’ data and call usage internationally and, most importantly, negotiating even better international roaming agreements.

’All of this work has been at significant cost, but we have planned to provide savings to our customers and to offer the best possible commercially viable tariffs.’

Manx Telecom now has 380 roaming agreements with all major networks, including those in the most popular destinations visited by Isle of Man residents for business or pleasure.

What do customers need to do to benefit from these changes?

All Manx Telecom customers will automatically benefit from up to 90% reductions in roaming costs - so no action is required

Customers who already have a Manx Telecom pay monthly contract need to opt-in to switch to a new Smartroam tariff - they can switch from no extra cost, and all they have to do is complete an online form at, or text SMARTROAM to 166663, call in to the Manx Telecom store in Strand Street, Douglas, or phone 624 624.

Manx Telecom pay-as-you-go customers who would like an inclusive UK and EU roaming allowance should call in to the store to apply for a Smartroam pay monthly tariff.

Customers with another mobile operator, who would like an inclusive UK and EU roaming allowance, can switch to a Manx Telecom Smartroam pay monthly tariff and should call in to the store - they can also keep their existing mobile number when they switch.

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GiffGaff · 5 days ago · Report

They are advertising 'Roam for Free' so when I called them I found a new definition for the word 'free'. To MT 'Free' means pay them another £6 a month, cut your mobile data by half and loose your unlimited free texts.. I'll keep my GiffGaff SIM thanks MT.

Steve Hamer · 11 days ago · Report

Only 'free' roaming in UK/Europe IF you pay them another £10 a month over the usual 2Gb Smartphone tariff of £25 a month. Pity Advertising Standards Authority don't operate on the IoM - only the toothless OFT.

NowOnUKSim · 11 days ago · Report

SHAME ON YOU MANX TELECOM!!! You could/should have done this long ago, and it's only because of the latest EU move re: roaming charges that you know find some superb ideas of new deals. You're dead to me and probably to most Manx people. I hated since the very first I realised you considered the UK as a roaming destination. Profiteering deserves no support.

Kionedroghad · 20 days ago · Report

Thanks for the correction Alioth, and my apologies. Telefonica sold out to HG Capital, a private equity firm, in 2010, who floated it on AIM in 2014. Still doesn't make me want to pay these silly prices, or buy their shares, though.

Modern Democracy · 20 days ago · Report

MT is a licence to print money

Positive Polly · 20 days ago · Report

Sure have also announced new roaming prices but you wouldn't know it. Nothing in the press and it's 50% off, which I don't think is as good as the MT deal. Rightly put, they're owned by a middle eastern company so no reason to invest further on the Island which is disappointing. They've brought healthily competition for a market that really needed it.

JohnTTIOM · 20 days ago · Report

seems like Manx Telecom cant do much right, they've just announced big savings which is good news for the island. Sure aren't invested in the island all the money goes back to Bahrain Telecom who own them.

Manx Pleb · 20 days ago · Report

I'm wary. Methinks what MT give with one hand, they will remove with the other. The devil will be in the small print. And or the next bill.

alioth · 20 days ago · Report

@Kionedroghad Manx Telecom is NOT part of Telefónica, MT is an independent company listed on the London stock exchange (stock symbol MANX). It is a "real" Manx business, managed solely in the Isle of Man, and if you want to own some of it all you need to do is buy some shares using an online brokerage service.

Kionedroghad · 20 days ago · Report

Positive Polly. Agree with your sentiment but MT is part of Telefonica, Sure Batelco. They employ in IOM, pay rates/utilities, but so does Tesco! Save £ on telecoms and spend it at those 'real' Manx business who provide decent value and service.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 20 days ago · Report

Too little too late I fear. A much cheaper option is using a UK mobile provider now that roaming charges have been done away with.

Positive Polly · 20 days ago · Report

It might still be cheaper to use UK sim but wouldn't you rather support the Manx economy rather than top up the UK?

DocMills · 20 days ago · Report

Maybe competition from the UK providers has forced MT's hand (as Manx OFCOM / OFT have been completely useless).

Kionedroghad · 20 days ago · Report

Just noticed MT's cheapest Smartroam tariff (£28 pm) only gives you 50 of its total 500 mins to use in Zone 1 (UK,CI) or Zone 2 (EU). If you want 500 mins roaming its £52 pm.

Kionedroghad · 20 days ago · Report

Correction. 150 mins for £5. 500 mins is £10.

Kionedroghad · 20 days ago · Report

Yes, Phil. Order Giffgaff PAYG SIM (UK O2 network), pop it in, top up with £5 which gives you 100 minutes EU-wide for up to a month. More than enough for the odd few calls whilst you are away. Just need to text anyone who may need to call you your temporary number.

Phil · 20 days ago · Report

Still much cheaper to just use an English pay as you go sim and topping up when needs be

IamBatman · 20 days ago · Report

Your move Sure...........

Raymondo · 20 days ago · Report

Do not miss those rip off charges...£35 a month for limited mins and 3g of data. Over here I get 3 sims with unlimited calls and 4 gig of data for each card for £26 a month ! , and the broadband is so much cheaper as well.

Eric A · 20 days ago · Report

How very kind of you dear Fairy Godmother!! What about refunding the millions you have previously ripped off?

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