Recycled art display raises awareness for Alzheimer's

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An exhibition of art work created from recycled objects is aiming to raise awareness of the work carried by the Alzheimer’s Society on the Isle of Man.

Recycle artist Patrick Farrell created the display of seven pieces of artwork which are on display in Ronaldsway Airport.

Patrick is a former mental health worker and he himself suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He said he wanted to do something to help raise awareness of the disease on the island, and also of the groups on the island that offer help, therapy and support to Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers.

His artwork features a display inspired by the effect the disease can have, both on sufferers and on their families.

’One of my pieces is of a fish in a bird cage, and also a bird in a goldfish bowl,’ said Patrick.

’I asked my friends what they thought about it, and they said that they thought it was very confusing.

’That’s exactly what I was aiming for,’ he said.

’Alzheimer’s is very confusing, for people who suddenly don’t know where they are, and also for the families that don’t know who the person is in front of them anymore.’

One of his aims of the exhibition is to create an online forum which would share information and tips about handling and living with Alzheimer’s.

Patrick, who also studied at the Liverpool College of Art, also created a piece of work using material collected from the now-demolished Victoria Road prison site.

I got hold of one of the old cameras,’ he said.

’Inside it I re-created a miniature prison cell, inspired by some old photographs.

’I like to think it reverses the role of the camera, from something that watches you to something that you can look into.’

All of Patrick’s work, which is on display until Thursday, August 24, is made using recycled materials, including bits he found on a beach, old jewellery and clothing and a piece of a tree root he found in the Villa Marina Gardens.

’I would like these eventually to go into the schools,’ he said.

’I would like to encourage kids to use recycled materials to create pieces of art.

’Not everyone is able to draw very well, but most people will be able to make something out of things they find lying around.

’I think a lot of children would like to try that.’

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